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Denizli Organized Industrial Zone was officially established with the Decree of the Council of Ministers dated 24.01.1975 and numbered 7/9359. Our region is subject to the "Organized Industrial Zones Law" numbered 4562.
First Enterprising Organization of Denizli Organized Industrial Zone; The province is made up of four organizations consisting of the Municipality, the Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Industry. Denizli Organized Industrial Zone is 18 km from Denizli. It was chosen as an area of ​​3,000 acres on the Denizli - Afyon highway. A total of 141 industrial parcels with sizes ranging from 5,000 m² to 70,000 m² are planned in the region. In 1996 and 2005, an additional development plan was made and the number of parcels reached 184.
Since 1975, land expropriation was initiated by the Land Office, but after 13 years, the expropriation processes carried out by the Land Office were resulted and the lands in the Organized Industrial Zone were transferred to the Denizli Chamber of Industry.
In 1981, the Province, Municipality and Chamber of Commerce were separated from the Organized Industrial Zone Enterprising Organization and all referral and administration, authority and responsibility were transferred to the Chamber of Industry.
In 1982, the Zoning Plan and infrastructure projects were prepared and approved in 1983, and infrastructure constructions started in December 1984. Infrastructure constructions were completed in June 1988 with the credit support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The expropriation of our Organized Industrial Zone, which was established under the legal and financial responsibility of the Denizli Chamber of Industry, covers an area of ​​3 million m² by the General Directorate of the Land Office. In 1996, an area of ​​641.216 m² in the south of the Region was exploited and the total area increased to 3.641.216 m² and the number of parcels increased to 159 as a result of the development.
II. Zoning Plan and expropriation work started in 2003 to be built once, and in the area of ​​approximately 70 hectares on the right and left of the road to Honaz district center from TEİAŞ in the south of our region, Additional OIZ and Revision Zoning Plan T.C. It was approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology on 13.09.2005. Later, parceling plans were made according to the approved zoning plan; Land registration has been completed in February 2009 with the approval of the Ministry and the decisions of the Provincial Administration Board. Thus, 184 industrial parcels were reached on an area of ​​4.360.000 m².
Infrastructure construction started in 1985 and was completed on June 18, 1988. On May 18, 1990, the final acceptance of infrastructure constructions was made. All infrastructure works (road, sewage, drinking and potable water, rain water drainage and electricity network) have been completed in our region, which is chosen as an unfit for agriculture and suitable for industrial settlement. Started in April 1993, 16 km. concrete asphalting work was completed in the same year.
Potable water, 7 km to the region. It is supplied from the basin between Kızılyer and Kocabaş and comes with charm.
The 66.300 m² parcel, where we meet the potable water needs of our Organized Industrial Zone, has been purchased and brought to our Region, and its surroundings have been taken under protection by fencing with a wire fence.
As a result of the fact that the potable water was insufficient in the summer months, a total of 10 boreholes were drilled in 7 different locations in our region and 3 in the Catch Area and a water well was drilled. As of today, a total of 420 lt / sec utility water is supplied to the OSB network together with the water tank and drilling wells drilled. The total water consumption of the Organized Industrial Zone in 2013 is 13.851.251 m51.
In order to meet the energy needs of the water wells drilled in the catchment area, a 700 meter long ENH (Energy Transmission Line) was installed by the personnel of our region and a 160 KVA pole type transformer was installed and the water pumping station was energized.
The total electricity energy consumption of our Organized Industrial Zone in 2013 is 411.936.440 kwh. In 2013, an average of 34.350.000 kWh of electricity was consumed monthly.
The installed electrical power of the facilities operating in our Organized Industrial Zone is 120 MVA and the actual power used is 65 MW. In addition, it is calculated that we will need an additional power of 5 MVA when the allocated facilities become operational, and our efforts are ongoing. In our Organized Industrial Zone, the high and low voltage power transmission lines are spreading by following the back borders of the parcels, and the necessary A.G. After their needs are met, each organization uses energy by establishing its own energy transformer center of 31.5 KV according to its technique and needs.

In our Organized Industrial Zone, potable water, sewage, stormwater drainage network, natural gas and drinking water network, PTT underground network pass through all parcels and the parcel connections of these networks have been completed.
There are a total of 184 industrial parcels in Denizli Organized Industrial Zone and the parcel sizes vary between 5000 m² and 110.000 m². The total area of ​​the region is 4.360.000 m², the industrial parcel area is 3.019.000 m², the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant area is 28.836 m². The remaining 1.312.164 m² consists of green areas, roads, parks and social facilities.
A different application was made in Denizli Organized Industrial Zone than other Organized Industrial Zones; while the infrastructure works are continuing, the construction of industrial facilities is allowed in the parcels where electricity and water services can be provided to our industrialists whose lands are allocated; As a result, in June 1988, the date when the infrastructure construction was completed, 14 facilities were completed and started production.

Purpose of the Treatment Plant established in Denizli Organized Industrial Zone is to purify domestic and industrial wastewater originating from Industrial establishments in our region and discharge them in accordance with the Regulation on Control of Water Pollution.
Denizli Organized Industrial Zone Central Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction started in February 1997 and completed on 31.12.1997. The capacity of the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant is 42,000 m³ / day. Treatment Plant consists of physical (mechanical), chemical, biological treatment and sludge dewatering units.
The treatment plant effluent is below the upper limit values ​​specified in the Water Pollution Control Regulation and the discharge permit and Treatment Plant Certificate were obtained from the Ministry of Environment.

The Natural Gas Network and Drinking Water Network construction work, the construction of which started in July 2003, was completed in August 2004. With the completion of BOTAŞ's natural gas main line, companies in the Region started to use gas as of March 2005.
In addition, after the Drinking Water infrastructure, the construction of which was started in conjunction with Natural Gas, was completed, a purification system was established to supply water at drinking water standards, and drinking water was offered to industrialists as of November 2004.