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Organizational Structure

According to the adoption of the report of the High Planning Council dated 23.12.1974 and number 139 and the article 13 of the subparagraph 2 / c of the law numbered 933 dated 28.07.1967; With the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 24.01.1975 and numbered 7/9359, it was decided to establish ORGANIZED INDUSTRIAL ZONE in our city.
With the Organized Industrial Zones Law numbered 4562, which was accepted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly on 12.04.2000 and published in the Official Gazette dated 15.04.2000 and numbered 15021, “Private Law Legal Personality” was gained to all OIZs in our country.

According to this law; Organized Industrial Zone Board of Directors; Of the five principal and five alternate members elected by the General Assembly, of which at least four are among their members; The Supervisory Board consists of 2 permanent and 2 alternate members. The fifth member in the Board of Directors may be the Regional Manager.

The staff of the Regional Directorate works under the SSK numbered 506 and the Labor Law numbered 4857.

The number of workers employed by the industrial facilities established in our region is 24,000 people. In case the industrial facilities in our region start production with full capacity, this number will be around 30.000 people.