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First Aid Training

Legal Obligation and First Aid Regulation
In accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 which entered into force on 01.01.2013 and the regulation dated 18.03.2004 of the Ministry of Health, First Aid personnel are required to be employed in all workplaces.
Possession of First Aid

1) Within the scope of occupational health and safety;
a) 1 first aid for every 20 employees in less dangerous workplaces,
b) In hazardous workplaces, 1 first aid until every 15 employees,
c) 1 first aid to every 10 employees in very dangerous workplaces,
must have.
First Aid trainings can only be given by the centers that have been given the “First Aid Training Center Conformity Certificate” by Provincial Health Directorates.
The trainers who will provide training in these centers must have “First Aid Trainer Certificate” and “First Aid Trainer Working Document” approved by the Ministry of Health.

Basic First Aid Training;
Basic first aid training is organized for a minimum of 16 hours, not less than 2 days in total, not more than 10 days. Within the scope of the training specified in the legislation, trainees are taught Basic First Aid Skills, practical applications are shown on mannequins along with theoretical information, and each participant is provided with practical practices under the supervision of our expert trainer staff. The duration of this legally compulsory education is 2 days / 16 hours.

First Aid Update Training Period:
8 Hours (1 Day) Between 09.00-18.00

What are the Basic First Aid Training Subjects?
1. General first aid information
2. Evaluation of the patient / wounded and the scene
3. Basic life support
4. First aid in bleeding
5. First aid in injuries
6. First aid in burns, freezing and heat bumps
7. First aid in fractures, dislocations and sprains
8. First aid in consciousness disorders
9. First aid in poisoning
10. First aid in animal bites
11. First aid for eye, ear and nose foreign body escape
12. First Aid in Drowning
13. Patient / injured transport techniques

How many years is the first-aid certificate valid?
First Aid Identity and First Aid Certificate are valid for 3 years.

You can find the "FIRST AID REGULATION" published in the Official Gazette from the link below.